Yoga class guidelines


​​Class Guidelines

Students should arrive with an open  heart and a clear mind.

Yoga is done barefoot, wearing light, fitted clothing that

will stretch with your movements.

Students are encouraged to bring water to hydrate before

and after class.

Before starting any exercise program, please

consult with your physician.

Inform instructor of any injuries or concerns before class.

Cell phones should be silenced.

All breathing should be done through the nose.

Arrive with a relatively empty stomach.

Please arrive a few minutes early to set up  mats,

pay for class, and bring up any concerns.

​(if unable to be on time; enter yoga space quietly, and pay after class)

​Students are encouraged to bring their own mats, but mats will be

available to rent for $2 and available for purchase for $20.  


Barbie’s unique, joyful style emphasizes the connection of movement with breath, enticing the mind and body to be energized yet relaxed.  This will improve focus, strength, flexibility and balance, when done consistently and with intention. She also has an emphasis on bringing a meditative quality to her classes.